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Jim McLean

At Acoustic Village

Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter and Performer.

Welcome and thank you for visiting Jim McLean here at Acoustic Village.

I am a musician, singer-songwriter and performer. My music is mainly acoustic and, as well as my own material, my performances contain a rich blend of British and American traditional material and covers from some of my favourite artists.

I play 6 and 12 string guitars, both acoustically and through various FX and PA, depending on the occasion. In clubs and theatres I mostly play solo, using 6 and 12 string guitars, usually through a small PA system. At times, when the occasion calls for it, I have played with the help of a range of musicians on bass, mandolin, violin and percussion. Whether with a band or playing solo, the music style is strongly acoustic guitar based.

I have recorded 5 albums and am pleased that my own songwriting efforts are warmly received by audiences and there is no greater compliment than an audience singing along to one of your own songs. You can hear some of those songs on this site via the media player.

When not performing I provide guitar lessons, and offer recording, mixing and mastering services in my recording studio.

To find out more please feel welcome to take a look and provide feedback.